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Sidecar is an artisanal cocktail bar run by the passionate team of Yangdup Lama and Minakshi Singh, who are also the duo behind the award-winning bar, Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy. As the first Indian bar to break into the prestigious 50 Best Bars, Sidecar has been ranked #26 in World’s 50 Best Bars and #18 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars, we are proud to be referred to as a bartenders’ bar.
Located in the bustling hub of Greater Kailash II in Delhi, our intimate bar is split over two floors with the intent of offering varied experiences as the evening carries on. On the first floor is an easygoing day space with a bookstore by Hachette where guests can browse, read, and buy a curated list of books. We partner with homegrown brands that share our vision and try to focus on letting their products do the talking, and our newest collaboration is with the indigenous coffee roasters, Subko, offering a caffeine kick to go along with your favourite book and a coveted cacao program.
On the second floor is our star attraction – a beautiful bar running across the main wall and holding a place of pride in the room. Packed with exciting ingredients, innovative concoctions, and signature cocktails (some classic, some seasonal and most craft), the bar also showcases zero proof and low proof drinks as well as carries forward the very popular “Whatever you Say” concept from our sister concern, Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy. The bar team makes most of the flavour extractions in-house including our own bitters, syrups, grogs, and tinctures – all with the single-minded devotion to producing some of the finest craft cocktails in the country.

Led by the renowned mixologist, author, mentor and co-owner of Sidecar, Yangdup Lama, the bar is a hub for guest shifts, spirit launches and cocktail sessions. The main room also boasts of a live band area, periodically hosting resident and guest bands playing music that is a mix of blues, country and rock and roll. The soundtrack is meant to blend in the background and complement your drinking experience, not overtake it. There’s also a mix of engaging activities that we enjoy as a team and as bar patrons – quiz nights, book readings, workshops, and more.

The kitchen keeps pace with the alchemy at the bar by dishing out classic bar fare, presented in a modern way. With a mix of global eats, and a special nod to comfort dishes from Asia and Europe, the menu has fresh salads, light eats, wholesome grills, and bowls that help soak up all the cocktails you are bound to order. 
Joining forces with one of India’s finest coffee spaces, Subko, to curate a specialty coffee and fine cacao experience, we run the Subko Mini at our cafe floor everyday from 10 AM-6 PM. Complementing the beverage and cacao program is our brand new “Wakey Wakey” menu packed with hangover busters like savoury muffins, muesli bowls, and protein packed eggs to ensure Sidecar will become your fave brekkie destination.
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